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Shandong Xingyuan Mining Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is located in Yutai, Shandong on the lakeside of the scenic Weishan Lake; neighboring world famous culture cradle – birthland of Confucius in the north, with well-known Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passing by.
Xingyuan Group, founded in 1998, is a private business integrating the R&D, manufacturing and sale of mining equipment. The company's leading products include BQ series of mining high-voltage submersible pumps, BQS series of desilting pumps, BQW series of sewage pumps, (2.2kw-4,000 kw), GLD type belt feeder series, GLZ type vibrating feeder series, KBSGZY series of mining flameproof type mobile substations, KBSG series of mining flame-proof dry-type transformers and KBSG series of dry-type substations for mining flameproof mobile substations. All the above products have passed the test of the National Anti-explosion Detection Center and the Safety Mark Test and obtained related certificates. The products have been used by many super-large domestic coal group users, for example China Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Corporation Limited, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group, Shenhua Wanli Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Yankuang Group, Zaoju Group, Zibo Mining Group, Anhui Lianghuai Mining Area, Henan Pingdingshan Coal Group, Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group and Xishan Coal Electricity Group Co., Ltd. and been universally praised for their top quality.
Xingyuan Group has grown bigger and stronger from scratch in the market competition system thanks to its unique "People-oriented" Xingyuan mode. The company actively adopts modern enterprise management concept, strengthens system innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation to guarantee market shares, and develops applicable and right new products according to the different requirements of customers. The company has set up sales network in all major mine lots across China and creates a "Full-time, All-weather and All-round" whole-process service system.
In the concept of "Set up Xingyuan Image, Take Xingyuan Road", Xingyuan people actively explore new needs of mining users, provide "trouble-saving, labor-saving and worry-free" Xingyuan products and excellent service for users, and sincerely join hands with old and new users to shape a bright future!water well pumps manufacturers
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