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Multifunction hydraulic copper busbar multi working machine
Product Description:
This series three in one Multifunction hydraulic copper busbar multi working machine has three units:punching, shearing and bending.It is easy to adjust each unit to shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency.
Processing material:
Brass/Copper and Aluminum Busbar.
1.  Bending at vertical and horizontal direction.
2.  Punching for round and oblong hole.
3.  Cutting busbar.
4.  Special for embossing, knurling, twisting, cable joints pressing.
Detailed Images:
1. Cutting unit:
2. Punching unit:
3. Bending unit  
Detailed  Parameters:
PunchingMax. Punching    Force (KN)300
Punching Diameter    Range (MM)Ø4.3-Ø25
Max. Thickness    (MM)12
Max. Width (MM)160
Shearing/CuttingMax. Shearing    Thickness (MM)12
Max. Shearing    Width (MM)160
Vertical BendingMax. Bending    Force (KN)300
Max. Thickness    (MM)12
Max. Width (MM)160
Horizontal    BendingMax. Width (MM)100
Max. Angle    (Degree)90°
Out DimensionMM1800*1400*1480
CNC PrecisionBending Precision±1°
Repeat Bending    Precision±0.3°
Accessories of Multifunction hydraulic copper busbar multi working machine:
8 sets of punching die.  (Ø7, Ø9, Ø11, Ø13, Ø15, Ø17, Ø13 * 18, Ø17 * 21 or as per customer's requirement)
1 set of shearing die
2 sets of horizontal bending die
2 sets of vertical bending die
1 set of embossing die
1 set of U bending die
1 set of oil filler
1 set of tool for die installing
3 sets of foot switches
1 set of hydraulic system sealing ring
2 pieces of Limit Switch
1 piece punching location pin.
Samples of Multifunction hydraulic copper busbar multi working machine:
Applicable Industry:
This Multifunction hydraulic copper busbar multi working machine is widely used in Switch cabinet, electric control panel manufacturing , high low voltage switchgear, electric transformer station,Electric panel ,voltage transformer,appliance switch, ship manufacturing,electric elevator manufacturing,electric cabinet manufacturing , Power distribution system product manufacturing.
Main Characteristics:
1.  The cut surface is smooth and neat, no droop, no burrs, no waste
2.  Rotary turret punch unit installed 6 dies, less replacing, high efficiency
3.  More work space added by double work table, three work positions can be used at the same time.
4.  Controlled by PLC, bending precision at ±1 degree and repeat degree at ±0.3 degree
5.  Easily to be moved with four casters
6.  Manual button and foo t switch are optional
7.  Adjustable working stroke
8.  On users requirement, special mold for special shape

Factory:cnc busbar processing machine price

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