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Shenghua Crane was established in 2006 in Henan Crane Industrial Park, China. For decades, Shenghua Crane has won the support and trust of customers at domestic and international markets with high-quality products, efficient services and professional technology, and has achieved rapid development. In 2010, Shenghua Crane won the 鈥楾op Ten Famous Brands of Famous Cranes in China鈥? In 2011, Shenghua expanded the organizational team and established Shenghua Group, which dedicated in providing optimal solutions to bridge construction and industrial factory. As the company grows, Shenghua Group set up Overseas Business Division to serve the international market customers. Technology development has been attached great significant, 鈥淧ostdoctoral Research and Development Base鈥?was award to Shenghua Crane in 2013. And in 2017, Shenghua Group has become a 鈥淗igh-tech Enterprise鈥?
Shenghua Crane covers over 200,000 square meters and has independent production lines for main products such as Launching Gantry, Bridge Lifting Gantry Crane, General Gantry Crane, Overhead Crane, Crane Accessories and etc. Factory has the equipment needed for all processes such as milling, planning, grinding, drawing, boring, rolling, drilling, stamping, cutting, bending, coiling, welding, testing and heat treatment.
Main Products
鈼?nbsp;Bridge Construction Equipment
鈼?Gantry Crane
鈼?Overhead Crane
鈼?Crane Accessories
鈼?Other Equipment
Product Application
鈼?Bridge Construction for Highway & Railway
鈼?Subway, Tunnel Construction
鈼?Factories, Warehouses, Stock Field
鈼?Stations, Ports, Industrial and Mining Enterprises
Production Equipment
1.Semi-automatic universal spline shaft milling machine
2. MGP2110B High Precision Internal Grinding Machine
3. Y318HN CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
4. Glow ion nitrogen furnace
5. XHA714 CNC Vertical Machining Center
6. LMZP4000 Gantry Welding Machine with 4-wheeled
7. TPX6213 Floor Milling and Boring Machine
8. HJ10-18 Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine
9. Paint spraying line
10. YK515DX3 CNC Gear Shaping Machine
11. YK7232A CNC Gear Grinding Machine
12. TY-6000MMX CNC Cutting Machine
13. Through slot shaping equipment
14. Cylindrical grinding machine
15. Horizontal lathe
16. Horizontal surface grinding machine
17. Gear testing center
18. IR multi-element analyzer
Production Market
Domestic Market: Shenghua Crane provides equipment and technical support for many domestic infrastructure projects and established a partnership with China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., China Communications Construction, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited and etc. The equipment is applicated in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions across the country and gained the quality evaluation from the customer.
International Market: Plenty of products were exported to India, Indonesia, Russia, Kuwait, Dubai, Vietnam, Ghana, Congo, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and etc.  
Our Service
Pre-sale: According to the requirements of the construction site, the best bridge erection and industrial application solutions will be provided with professional technology.
Production Duration: Manufacture the highest quality products with exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous attitude, guarantee products鈥?quality and guarantee on-time delivery.
After-sale Service: Respond promptly to customer-reported problems and guarantee the successful completion of the project with efficient service.  China Gantry Crane For Special Industries factory

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