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25m Water Tower Multiphase Combination Fire Truck
25 meters Water Tower Multiphase Combination Fire Truck is my company apply new technology, using new materials, independent research and development with independent intellectual property rights, using EURO V emission standard imported from Mercedes - Actros3341 type 6 x 4 modified second class chassis. The body use imported from the United States HALE company production 8FC type fire pump, France POK professional fire-fighting equipment co., LTD. (POK S.A.) production POKDN100-3 6000 wireless remote control composite monitor, 25 meters uplift device. Monitor installed on top of the boom, but at the same time in the boom to 25 meters high spray extinguishing agent, new efficient foam extinguishing agent and superfine powder. Boom can be omni-directional, all movement adopts hydraulic drive, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
The vehicle is equipped with three fire extinguishing agent tank (water fire extinguishing agent tank, F500 new efficient foam extinguishing agent tank, ultrafine dry powder tank), the water extinguishing agent tank and F500 new foam extinguishing agent tank adopts high quality stainless steel material (316), pump room and equipment box adopts high strength aluminum alloy profile.
Single-phase jet:Separately spray one type agent: water; cold aerosol (5-20 microns superfine powder) or F500 efficient fire extinguishing agent pre-mixed solution. When fighting Class A fire, control combustion cooling or live decontamination can separately use water directly; When fighting the Class B fire and control the resurgence can be used alone F500 new high efficient agent pre-mixed solution; When fighting Class C fire or meeting wet burning material can be used alone cold aerosol.
Double-phase jet:At the same time spray two composite fire extinguishing agent. Choose any: Water + F500 new efficient sol fire extinguishing agent or water + clod aerosol. Take water as the carrier, through the composite system to shoot by monitor or fire nozzle at the same time, one is to solve the alone use of cold aerosol shooting distance; Second, fire extinguishing agent spray onto the combustion surface, blocking hydrogen free radical chain reaction, inhibit combustion. Three is making use of the latent heat of gasification water, lower combustion temperature and the percentage content of combustible gas in the combustion area, rapid put out fire.
Three-phase jet:Meanwhile spray three compound agents (water, ultrafine powder and F500 new high efficiency fire extinguishing agent). With water as the carrier to put new type, high efficiency, environmental protection, the compound agent direct shooting combustion zone. Ultrafine powder has strong inhibition to blazer, water and new high efficiency fire extinguishing agent has a strong cooling effect, can instantly cool, excellent resistance to resurgence, to achieve mutually compatible and complementary advantages in performance, fire extinguishing speed and efficiency are amazing. Especially in saves oil, gas, petrochemical, coal chemical industry and the tunnel fire give full play to the great power.
When 25 meters water tower multiphase combination fire truck working, suck a certain proportion of the new type of efficient extinguishing agent (F500) from special suction nozzle, or in the form of liquid flow directly from on-board fire pump output, make full use of direct current coanda effect, with high speed water flow (or pre-mixed solution) as the carrier, through the composite system at the same time from the monitor or special fire nozzle shot, middle nad long distance injection, direct to combustion zone, quickly put out the fire.
Mass flow special monitor:Installed on the top of the boom, with range far, large flow, can separate shoot water fire extinguishing agent, new effective pre-mixed liquid or ultrafine dry powder extinguishing agent, and at the same time, the water system of fire extinguishing agent and the mixture of ultra-fine dry powder or the new efficient pre-mixed liquid with a mixture of ultra-fine dry powder extinguishing agent, can be 50 meters away from the source of the location of the fire fighting independently.
Special electric hose reel:Distributed in the both side of car body, this device can be used to destroy a small fire, and there is no need to use arm frame and special fire monitor. Special reel has the same function, can independently complete the fire fighting.
One-button type integrated control:Vehicles after arrival, one person can complete the vehicle boom, fire pump, monitor, all movements of the engine control, greatly improve the operational efficiency.
Working high stability:Standard leg automatic leveling system, avoid body shaking when working, improve the stability of the operation safety.
If you're in need of the high quality 25m water tower multiphase combination fire truck, welcome to contact our factory for the truck. We are one of the professional and experienced China manufacturers and suppliers of various fire trucks. We will offer you good after-sale service and fast delivery.China Uplifted spray fire truck factory

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