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Long distance rescue
Most people have heard of the Titanic. It was the largest passenger ship in the world and was launched in 1912, but it hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean with 1,517 people. (1) ___ It is a very strange tale, but luckily it had a better ending than the story of the original Titanic.
Alex Evans works on a lifeboat in Wales and he spends a lot of his time rescuing people from the sea. (2) ___ A few weeks ago, Alex was shopping with his mother when his mobile phone rang. He was surprised to get a signal and answered it. He was even more surprised to hear the voice of his friend Mark Corbett, who was on a motorboat in the Caribbean over 4,000 miles away. (3) ___ He told Alex that the boat was sinking and they needed help! Alex first thought that it was a joke. (4) ___ Then he heard the panic in Mark’s voice and realised that it was a real emergency. Mark said that there was a lot of water in the boat and they had lost power. (5) ___ He was using the satellite phone and the only number he could remember was Alex’s!
Alex stayed calm and wrote down the information about where the boat was. (6) ___ They sent out planes and three hours later they found Mark’s boat and rescued them. (7) ___ Maybe boat owners should avoid calling their boats Titanic in the future!

A Then he contacted an international rescue centre.
B Mark was with some other men, taking a boat to Grenada.
C However, he doesn’t have a boat himself.
D Luckily everyone was OK because of the actions of a good friend 4,000 miles away!
E They couldn’t use the long-range radio.
F This year he was part of a sea rescue that was a little different!
G Imagine someone phoning you and saying that they are on the Titanic and it’s sinking!
H Now another boat with the same name has been in the news because it got into trouble at sea.
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