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ZP-400 horizontal wrapping equipment for bakery, biscuit and commodity with movable wheel and outlay touch screen
1.Product introduction of ZP-420 flow wrapping machinery
The horizontal packaging machinery ZP-400 is designed for cake industry and other big product like hot dog. The wrapper quipped with brusher on mid-seal, helping deliver heavy or big products. We are one of the biggest packing machine manufacturers in China; our name is well known in the packaging machine industry. We do hope you can step by and have a look.
2.Characteristics and structural features of ZP-400 horizontal flow packing machine
1.Automatic setting bag length
2.Packing machine with simple structure, easy to maintain, little vibration and long life
3.The packing speed and the length of bag are controlled by double frequency converter.
4.The single chip of main control circuit developed by our company. Digital screen and transducer control guarantees conveniently operation
5.Flow packaging machine with highly sensitive photoelectric device can follow automatically and accurately.
6.Suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material and packing size.
7.Packaging wrapper can add gas charging device and alcohol spray device (Optional)
8.Equipped with brusher on vertical sealing, which help deliver materials.
3.Technical parameters of plastic film packaging machine ZP-400
Machine ModelZP-400 horizontal packing machine
Packing speed35-180 bags/min
Packing materialPlastic film (OPP/CPP、PT/PE、KOP/CPP、ALU-FOIL)
Bag stylePillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)
Bag size (L*W*H)115-280mm,30-150mm,5-55mm
Film width90-400mm
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)4000mm*950mm*1600mm
Heat power2.1kw
Motor power0.55+0.75kw
Total power3.4kw
Overall weight650kg
4.Application of plastic film packing machine ZP-400
Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as packing pies, package cookies, packing biscuits, packing chocolate, packing candy, package medicine, package hardware and so on.
1)Rapid fortune cookies packing machine (semi-auto)
2)Rapid Hot dog sausage packing line/system
Q:How many cube meter nitrogen we need for one flow packaging equipment?
A:One flow packaging machinery just need 3 cube meter nitrogen generation is enough.
Q:If we already have the nitrogen generation, can we use for the new machine?
A:Yes, as long as the nitrogen is enough for our packing machinery. Moreover, you need to add the air charging device.
7.Latest News
RAPIDPACK (RUIPUHUA) Hold a packing machine exhibition in India on Sep. 22-26,2016
Exhibtiion name: International Food Tec India
Time: September 22-26, 2016
Address: Hall 1&5, Bombay exhibition cerntre Mubai, India
Booth No.: I15-3
Tel: +86-0757-81263868
Fax: +86-0757-81263869
Mobile: +86--13420743171
E-mail: lotuspackage@ruipuhua.com
Add: No.9, North JunYe Road, Technology Industry C Zone, Shishan Town, Foshan City, China
        Bakery Flow Packaging Machine price

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